Benefits for the employer

Benefits for the employer

The benefits of the for you as an employer are:

  • The is a health benefit and employee care at the same time
  • The MobileDentalClinic increases the employees’ presence at the workplace and thereby increases productivity
  • The leads to employees with better oral health and prevents general diseases
  • The service is almost free of charge to the company, since the employees pay for their treatments themselves. The company, however, pays a small mobilisation fee per day of treatment.

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Did you know? *)

  • that 74% of the Danes would like to see the dentist at their workplace?
  • that 24% of the Danes have not seen the dentist in more than one year?
  • that (on average) an employee spends 2 hours going to and from the dentist’s clinic?

*) Kilde: Falck Dental Care